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Calendar for 2010

Here is the time table for 2010 for the volunteer projects. It is advised that the volunteers come ahead of the stated dates to be able to get settled in at a relaxed pace.

Each volunteer Program starts at the beginning of each month on the first of the month. It runs until the 21st of every month and the remaining week can be used for additional, optional travelling which is organized by Myxos or self organized by the volunteers.

Nursing and Medi Students Calendar 2010

3 Weeks Project Optional Travelling week
01st - 21st of every month 22nd - end of month (optional)

Teaching Project Calendar 2010

The duration of the teaching project is 3 weeks and can be undertaken during the school terms as laid out below. An additional, optional one week of travelling can then be undertaken on completion of the three week period. (extra week not included in costs).

School Terms
First Term: 26th January - 23rd April
18th May – 13th August
8th September- 10 December

For the teaching Project there is lots of revising for the students towards the end of the year in December and only those who would like to help the kids in their revision need to apply for this time of the year.

The duration of all of the projects is 3 weeks in total with one additional, optional week of travelling to South Africa – Kruger Park (this additional week is not included in the cost)


Why Swazi Volunteers is a unique opportunity for you?

* Your Host is a true Swazi who will give you the best insight of the Swazi people.
* Your Project is entirely Rural based , except the clinic in Manzini
* Your stay is deep in the village of kaPhunga about 55kms from Manzini the nearest town.
* You will be staying in Swazi traditional huts and enjoying the experience of a lifetime.
* You will be encouraged to speak the language since it’s very useful.
* In some projects you will be working with the community e.g. the school building projects.