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History of the School

Children At Matjana

Matjana is a small community preschool operating from a single classroom in kaPhunga, rural Swaziland. The school receives most of its funding from international donors who come into contact with the school through community tourism activities. The school needs a volunteer to co-teach (in conjunction with an English/siSwati speaking teacher) and participate in the school’s fundraising campaign and other school activities.

Matjana Pre primary School Pupil

Matjana Pre Primary

Welcome to Matjana

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Learning at Matjana

Aims of the School

Matjana Preschool primarily aims to provide affordable early childhood education to children in the Ndabeni area of Kaphunga. In addition it aims to provide employment and skills development opportunities for members of the local community.

Teachers At Matjana

Sponsorship of the School

On behalf of the people of kaPhunga, the staff and parents of the Matjana PrePrimary school family and especially the Kids I would like to say a big thank you (that’s Siyabonga kakhulu in siSwati) to all those that have donated money, material or energy to our project so far.

Your donations have placed the children of kaPhunga on the road to a better life!.

If you haven’t had a chance help out yet, it’s not too late. To find out how you can help please visit our Fund Raising page and become a sponsor. Every little helps!

School Commitee

Chris at Matjana

Matjana Primary School Volunteer Project

Matjana Pre Primary SchoolVolunteers at Matjana


Matjana Pre Primary require volunteers for :

Teaching-The volunteer’s main teaching responsibilities will be to:

  • Co teach a class of approximately 24 four and five years olds, four days per week, 8-12pm;
  • Co-plan the children’s educational and recreational activities in line with the Ministry of Education’s syllabus guidelines;
  • Provide opportunities for tourists to visit and participate in classes;
  • Ensure the general safety and wellbeing of the children while at school;
  • Help plan and attend meetings and social events with the parents and community

Fundraising-The volunteer would also be expected to contribute to one or more of the following aspects of the preschool’s fundraising campaign:

  • SCHOOL NEWSLETTER: contribute writing and ideas, edit articles, photography; layout and design, electronic distribution and/or physical distribution.
  • SCHOOL WEBSITE: contribute writing and ideas, paper page design and/or web building or any other ideas are welcome.
  • FUNDRAISING EVENTS: help organize community based fundraising events, e.g. advertising, catering, entertainment and/or logistics.
  • INVOLVE THE COMMUNITY: in fundraising events, school meetings, infrastructure maintenance, etc.

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Desirable Qualifications, Skills and Attributes

The volunteer should possess a good combination of the following skills. The exact role of the volunteer with respect to school fundraising, will be tailored to suit the individual’s skill set.

  • Early childhood care and development, teaching or similar qualification (or be completing such qualification);
  • Good written and oral communication skills;
  • Cultural awareness;
  • Computer literacy including internet and email, web design, graphic design, word processing and/or spreadsheet;
  • Experience working with children or enjoys the company of kids;
  • Willingness to live in an isolated rural community;
  • Initiative, motivation, positive attitude and ability to work with minimal supervision.

The Accommodation

Accommodation will be provided in the rural Village of kaPhunga. You will be living in traditional Swazi beehive huts.

The Transport
All transport will be provided. You will be collected from the airport and taken to the village. For the excursions you will be travelling with us and volunteers from other projects.

The In Country Orientation
In country orientation will be provided on arrival by Myxo from Wozanawe Cultural Tours. This will include Swazi culture and tradition, do’s and don’t’s, presentations from the principle and teachers at kaLamdladla Primary school, a tour of the village where you will meet those you will be helping and basic siSwati language training. siSwati Language training will be for one hour per day over a period of 5 days. Whilst English is the official business language in Swaziland it can make a big difference in developing relationships with people if you have the siSwati basics as English is not widely spoken in the rural areas. A language manual will be sent to you prior to your arrival so that you have the chance to begin practising before you get to Swaziland.
kaPhunga is renowned for its stunning sunsets and breathtaking vistas and is of historical importance in Swazi and Zulu folklore. Many of the locals still live in accordance with many long-held traditions, practicing time-honored Swazi methods for farming and traditional architecture and living within customary Swazi culture. 

The Costs
This is a unique opportunity that has been rated by others travellers as one of the highlights during their time in Swaziland.
Total cost is R10,500-00 for 3 weeks.

This includes:
* Breakfast and dinner 7 days a week
* Accommodation in traditional beehive huts
* In country orientation

The cost excludes:
* Airfares
* Lunch
* Travel/medical insurance
* Additional, optional week, 4 night/5 day visit to Kruger National Park and Mozambique

All the fees should be paid in full one month in advance.

Payment can be made by credit card. Card details must be sent via email to confirm the booking or calling +268 6044102 for security reasons.
Bank Transfers can be done into the following Bank details.
Woza Nawe Campsite And Tours- Account Holder
Account Number- 0140019666801
Branch Code – 66 50 64
Bank Name – Standard Bank, Manzini
Telephone- 0268 502411

The Benefits

* A unique opportunity to live and work in a different culture and working in a third world country.
* The chance to further enhance your own professional and personal skills and knowledge within a developing country
* The opportunity to make a meaningful contribution by helping strengthen the capacity of the local education system.
What other information do I need to know?

Additional Information
The sole cell phone network provider is MTN. Sim cards and air time are readily available at numerous outlets.
PS:Myxo can arrange for you a very cheap way to call home and be in touch with your family.
Whilst much of Swaziland is malaria free, anti malaria medication is recommended for the lowveld and Mocambique. It is available in the country.
The official currency is the Lilangeni (the plural is emalageni). It is pegged to the value of the South African rand and rands (with the exception of coins) can be used in Swaziland and Mocambique. There are numerous ATMs and rands can be obtained from local banks.

Why Swazi Volunteers is a unique opportunity for you?

* Your Host is a true Swazi who will give you the best insight of the Swazi people.
* Your Project is entirely Rural based , except the clinic in Manzini
* Your stay is deep in the village of kaPhunga about 55kms from Manzini the nearest town.
* You will be staying in Swazi traditional huts and enjoying the experience of a lifetime.
* You will be encouraged to speak the language since it’s very useful.
* In some projects you will be working with the community e.g. the school building projects.