Swaziland Volunteers

Swaziland is a landlocked mountainous Kingdom bordered by South Africa and Mozambique. The population is estimated at 1,000,000. It has the highest prevalence rate of HIV and AIDS and TB in the Southern African region and the world. Approximately 70% of the population live in poverty with the majority of those being in rural areas. Many communities still do not have access to electricity and safe drinking water and the number of orphans and vulnerable children (a direct consequence of the HIV and AIDS pandemic) is estimated to be around 130,000.

Why Swazi Volunteers is a unique opportunity for you?

* Your Host is a true Swazi who will give you the best insight of the Swazi people.
* Your Project is entirely Rural based , except the clinic in Manzini
* Your stay is deep in the village of kaPhunga about 55kms from Manzini the nearest town.
* You will be staying in Swazi traditional huts and enjoying the experience of a lifetime.
* You will be encouraged to speak the language since itís very useful.
* In some projects you will be working with the community e.g. the school building projects.
* 20% of your fee is paid into the project you are working on.